Vaccine Informative Campaign

Scientists from the Instituto de Medicina Molecular, Bruno Silva-Santos (Immunologist), Luís Graça (Immunologist), Miguel Prudêncio (Parasitologist), and Pedro Simas (Virologist), joined efforts to answer the doubts about the vaccines for COVID-19 in a simple and straightforward manner.  

Learn more about this informational campaign here.

Find out the answers from scientists at the Instituto de Medicina Molecular João Lobo Antunes.

How was it possible to develop a vaccine for COVID-19 so quickly? Bruno Silva-Santos – Immunologist

Should I get vaccinated for COVID-19? Luís Graça – Immunologist

Is the COVID-19 vaccine safe? Miguel Prudêncio – Parasitologist  

Will the COVID-19 vaccine allow our lives to return to normal? Pedro Simas – Virologist

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